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Recently our Menstrual Mentors have been answering lots of questions regarding the Lunette Cupwipes. Our Cupwipes are ethanol-based which is why they have great cleaning efficiency – they include over 80% (82% to be exact) of alcohol! We feel they are a great tool to help you keep up with good hygiene during these special times. Therefore, we offer a free pack of Cupwipes to every purchase that is over $25 (Kits excluded) as long as stock lasts. Remember to add a pack of Cupwipes to your shopping basket and activate a code: FREEWIPES in the checkout. Stay safe ❤️

We got you.

Let's face it. You'll see your period blood and trying something new might seem like a challenge. But we got you. 
Not only are our Menstrual Mentors on standby, but we also have a seriously cool Cupbot available to answer all of your questions. 

Period cup support

This is our period.

Our mission is to change attitudes about periods: nobody should feel ashamed of them, nobody should miss a chance because of them.

Our mission

The Best Menstrual Cup.

Our founder, Heli, designed Lunette when there were only three cups on the market. Now with over 150 brands to choose from, Lunette is the only one passing the vigorous Danish chemical safety test.

Product praise

People love Lunette

99% of users would recommend Lunette Menstrual Cup to their friends*

* For real! We (almost) couldn't believe it either.
Lunette Customer Survey 2018, 1903 answers

Did we mention that menstrual cups are the most convenient, ecological and economical way to live with periods?


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