company transparency.

The holistic approach to sustainability is a vital part of good business strategy, and sustainability and human rights lie at the core of Lunette’s business operations, today more than ever. 

We take great pride in our products and put effort to promote the sustainable values that we were founded on. Corporate social responsibility is in the core of our business, yet undoubtedly, a lot remains to be done. Despite of being a small company, we have achieved raising discussion on menstrual and sexual health to the forefront. We continue fearlessly raise difficult questions related to sexual and reproductive health and women’s empowerment through our network, partnerships, speaking engagement in global events and our social media. We believe we can achieve greater systemic change together with our partners and stakeholders.

the products.

Lunette’s aim is to create an intentional climate conscious, high-quality range of menstruation and intimate health products. Throughout the product range we seek to favour environmentally conscious, plastic-free and recyclable solutions for products and packing materials. If the menstrual cup has taught us anything, it’s that the smallest habits can make a big difference and reusability is kind of our thing, so we know the importance of recycling where we can! 

Lunette products are registered with the Vegan Society and carry the Finnish Keyflag Emblem and Design from Finland certifications.

the company.

We aim to high standards of ethical conduct within the company governance and also when considering our suppliers and partners. We are working in compliance with the Finnish labour, health and safety standards and laws. The company is committed to follow and to respect International Human Rights, Labour Rights and Decent Work, Environment, and to Anti-Corruption action. 

Our Lunette offices are based in Juupajoki, Finland, and the Lunette menstrual cups are also produced in Finland (known for its beautiful nature). Our offices are powered by renewable energy and we’re active with recycling, keeping an eye on any waste.

the people.

Most of our Lunette Team are based in Finland, but we also have a subsidiary in the United States, as well as team members and established presence in Sweden and Austria. Your Lunette menstrual cup and online store orders are packed in Finland by a company called Titry, that offers fair and equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups (a mission we just love).  

We aim to improve menstruators health and wellbeing by providing high quality, safe menstrual products, and educating and advocating for inclusion in relation to menstruation and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).  

sustainability reporting.

Lunette’s practices are formed based on UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, International Labour Organization (ILO) standards and recommendations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and international, EU and Local laws and regulations. We have participated in the UN Global Compact Communication on Progress reporting since 2017.  

We want to set a standard by transparently and accessibly share our policies and sustainability reporting. On this page you can find links to the documents, which we are happy to share with our loyal customers – and anyone else who is curious about our business practises!

changing the world one cup at a time

our key partnerships and projects.

We’ve teamed up with some kickass organizations, charities and initiatives, to fearlessly ignite discussions related to reproductive health, give vulnerable people access to safe hygiene and catalyse period positivity around the globe.

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