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How To Have Period Sex

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Artwork by: Lea Carey

By: Gigi Engle with Dame Products

Bloody hell, period sex is a hot topic right now. Periods have long been stigmatized. Having sex on your period has been historically seen as unsavory or unclean. Luckily, attitudes are changing slowly, but surely. And, as it were, people are not so against period sex. In fact, people are having it all over the place.

According to data collected by from over 4,000 male and female users, 38% of men and 31% of women say they are interested in having period sex. This is a significant number. Let’s be real, who wants to skip sex anywhere from 3-7 days every single month because of a little sloughing? I sure don’t.

In an interview with Cathy Chapman, President of Lunette told us that “Being sexual shouldn’t be restricted to certain times of the month. Most people that I’ve spoken with about period sex are pleasantly surprised when I tell them that they can enjoy mess free oral sex while on their period.”

According to a survey of over 500 people, asking them their thoughts on period sex. The survey found that 30% of women actually want to have more sex on their period than any other time. Hormones are ablaze for many women during their periods. Some of us feel our most sexually aroused during our cycle. Bodies, man.

Increased libido isn’t the case for every woman, but if it happens to some -- we should be able to talk about it. Scratch that, we should be able to have period sex openly and enjoy it.

If you’re looking to take the red train, but aren’t sure how to get around some of the - er- grubbier obstacles -- check out some of these tips to have great period sex.

How to minimize mess ...

When it comes to period sex, it always comes down to the mess, doesn’t it? We get weird around blood. Blood coming out of a vagina isn’t in line with the cultural narrative of “feminine cleanliness.”

If you’re going to have period sex, there is going to be mess. Mess is part of the territory. It doesn’t matter if it’s your heaviest day or your lightest day, there will be some menstrual blood.

According to the survey, 86% of respondents noted that "the mess and cleanup” were the biggest deterrents from having period sex. 45% of those asked remarked that period sex is “kind of gross.”

There is no way around it: When you have sex on your period, there is blood. The first step is accepting this fact. Talk to your partner about the period sex situation before you have it. Get the communication factor out of the way. As normal as period sex should be, if you haven’t done it before it can be a shock (and not in a good way).

Here is a totally realistic scenario:

You: So, there will be blood because periods. Ok?

Your partner: Yas! Blood! Natural part of the human experience. 50% of the population has a period. Let’s do it.

See, that wasn’t so hard! Now, once you’ve talked about the realities, you can form a game plan for execution. Vive la revolucion!

There are couple of ways around the mess. Our favorite is as simple as it sounds: Throw down a red towel.

Get it? Your period is red, your towel is red. Done and done. Need help finding a red towel? Here are some for only $5.50 a pop. Just make these your designated period sex towels and leave them in the back of your closet.

The other way to combat ickiness (LOL, ickiness. Yeah, right.) is shower sex. The water from your shower (ironically) makes your vagina less wet as it washes away your body’s natural lubricants. During period shower sex, there is so much extra ~wetness~ that this problem is virtually eliminated. Plus, you can wash away the blood. Problem solved.

… Or you could throw yourself behind the mess.

The less utilized, but underappreciated, period sex applique is embracing mess for all its glory. Yes, that's right. Going for it without a care in the world. Why is this appealing? There is something very primal and animalistic about blood. I once left a bloody handprint on the wall of guy’s apartment and still fantasize about it. Ya know what I mean? Anyone? Hello?

If you can stomach blood (or if it turns you on a little, no judgement) -- we suggest going at it full force. Your sheets can always be bleached, right?

Your sex toys are washable, by the way.

Remember to have fun. Don’t focus entirely on the penetrative/mess aspects of this situation. Treat this sexual experience like any other and embrace it to the fullest. This means grabbing the sex toys in lieu of having boring, ultra-careful sex because you’re so afraid of damaging your sheets. Live your life!

Grab your Fin or Eva to get in on those orgasms. These toys are made from medical grade silicon and are stain-proof. You just wash them with warm water and soap. Bam! Clean AF.

If you can use sex toys during anal, you can use sex toys during period sex. They are certainly more resilient than the memory foam mattress you snatched off Amazon Prime.

Gigi Engle is a sex educator and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.


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