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Debunked: 5 Myths About Menstrual Cups

Debunked: 5 Myths About Menstrual Cups

There are so many myths about menstrual cups and menstruation. Does the blood flow back into the womb when the cup is full? Is it true that virgins can’t use period cups? We put all the facts on the table and gathered the most common myths and truths.

Separate the fact from the fiction

1. MYTH: When the cup is full, the blood flows back into the uterus.

TRUTH: Wrong! The blood flows into the vagina and thus into the cup through the tiny hole in the cervix. It is not possible for the blood to flow back into the womb, not even if you're upside down. The muscles of the uterus push the menstrual blood out actively from the uterus.

2. MYTH: You can't use a menstrual cup if you have endometriosis.

TRUTH: Wrong! It is completely safe to use a menstrual cup if you have endometriosis, just ask your doctor first! Read our article ‘What is endometriosis?

3. MYTH: Virgins cannot use menstrual cups.

TRUTH: Wrong! Even people with a uterus who have not had penetrative sex can use the cup. The vagina may occur ‘narrower’ with a virgin vagina, and the hymen may still be present, but these facts do not prevent the use of the cup. At most they'll bring light challenges the first few times of inserting the cup.

4. MYTH: You can go pee/poo or use the toilet while having a menstrual cup inserted.

TRUTH: True! With the cup inserted, you can easily go to the bathroom. This is two of the most common questions we get asked, can you pee with a menstrual cup in? Or can you poop with a menstrual cup in? Of course the answer is yes, you just need to make sure it's not out of place, like during a bowel movement. Good hygiene is essential so that no foreign bacteria enter the vagina or cup. If you want to make sure you're comfortable and clean, remove the cup before going to the toilet and wash your hands (and down there) carefully before inserting the clean cup. You can empty the cup as often as you'd like!

5. MYTH: You don’t need to boil your menstrual cup after every cycle

TRUTH: Sort of. Your menstrual cup does not necessarily have to be boiled every cycle (although we highly recommend it). However, before you use your cup for the first time, make sure to boil it for 20 minutes. Read our article ‘How to clean’ for full instructions. After your first use, boiling it for 10 minutes is good enough. Keep an eye on your menstrual cup when you boil it, you wouldn't want it to forget about it and have it burn at the bottom of the pot! Whatever you do, do not use a hand sanitizer. You can buy cup wipes that are specifically designed for menstrual cups, with no colorants, oils or scents that could damage the silicone. And don’t forget good hand hygiene!

If you’ve still got a question, or want to read more about the things people are curious about, check out our article ‘Everything you’ve ever wanted to ask your OB/GYN’. Alternatively check out our menstrual products.

29 comments on Debunked: 5 Myths About Menstrual Cups

  • Lunette Menstrual Mentor
    Lunette Menstrual MentorNovember 13, 2023

    Hi Tiffany,
    thank you for your message The menstrual cup is worn in the vagina collecting the blood there, while the blood itself flows out of the uterus through the cervix into the vagina. So the cup should not have caused damage in the uterus. Even if you accidentally scratched your vaginal walls with your finger nails while using the cup, it should only bleed a little and not make your period heavier than you are used to. Sometimes periods are irregular – irregular when it comes to when they start, but also to how heavy a period is or how long it will last. Many things can affect the hormones and the menstrual cycle so maybe something put your cycle off balance. However, we are no medical professionals and therefore cannot give guidance nor make a remote medical examination. Please visit your doctor if the heavyness of your period worries you, if it last longer or stays heavier than you are used to (especially for several periods), if you notice any other symptoms like strong cramps, etc. Only a doctor can make the necessary examination and can tell you what is going on.
    Best regards,
    Team Lunette

  • Tiffany Banghart
    Tiffany BanghartNovember 13, 2023

    I tried 3 times to use the flex menstrual cup and I did the directions just like it said maybe it want the right fit for my body but now ever since I took the last one out I’m bleeding way way worse I normally have heavy period but I have never bleed this bad it’s going on the next Day and the bleeding is still very bad could the cup have done something should I go to a doctor?

  • Lunette Cup
    Lunette CupFebruary 10, 2023

    Hi Aimee,
    thanks for your question! The menstrual cycle is regulated by hormones (read more here: and the cup does not contain hormones, so it cannot delay/prevent your periods.
    Do you mean that when you insert the cup and remove it there is no blood inside the cup, but as soon as you remove the cup the flow starts?
    Best regards, Team Lunette

  • Aimee
    AimeeFebruary 10, 2023

    Question: I’ve been using a cup for several years and come to wonder- can inserting your cup ahead of actual flow delay your period? Or is that just in my head? My periods are pretty regular (though heavy) with fairly trackable onset symptoms, but it seems like everytime I’m actually fully prepared, I have to take my cup out again for flow to start. What’s going on here?

  • Lunette Menstrual Mentor
    Lunette Menstrual MentorAugust 16, 2021

    Hi M. Hargrove, thank you for your comment! We’re terribly sorry to hear about the kidney stone! It is definitely very important to be able to empty the bladder fully when using a menstrual cup. What type of cup were you using? A smaller or softer cup could work better so that it isn’t putting pressure on your bladder or urethra. This way you could still enjoy a pad-free period. :)
    -Team Lunette

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