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A guide to daily intimate care products
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A guide to daily intimate care products

You didn’t think we just made period care products did you!? In case you missed it, this year we launched a new product range - Our Intimate Range. Just like our period products, each item was created with the health of your body and the impact on the planet in mind - so let’s meet them! 

Our Intimate Range 

There is much debate about whether you need to wash or clean your vulva. The vagina is self-cleaning (so you definitely don’t need anything going up there!) but sometimes things around the vulva can get a bit messy!  Whether it’s a post-coital clear up or a post-work out refresh, we wanted to create a product line that revived between the thighs, without harming your body or the planet. 

Lunette Intimate Cleanser

Our Intimate Cleanser 

Our cleanser is a bit like your vulva’s secret skincare weapon! Although it’s less about cleaning and more about cleansing, soothing and moisturizing. 

Now and again you might need a little self care down there - and our Intimate Cleanser definitely delivers that! What you don’t need are fragrances masking your natural scent or soaps, hormones and chemicals messing with your delicate pH balance. 

We created our fragrance-free Intimate Cleanser with 100% natural ingredients, like hydrating Nordic botanical oil, so you won’t get any dryness or irritation (it’s probably why it comes recommended by gynecologists!). Like all of our products our intimate cleanser is 100% vegan, so you know that caring for your vulva comes cruelty free.   

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Lunette Intimate Wipes

Intimate Wipes 

When showers are a no-go and you need to freshen up on the go - handy wet wipes can be a total savior!

However, if you’ve ever used traditional wet wipes on your intimate area you’ll know that itchiness and irritation can really impact your adventures. That’s why we created our Intimate Wipes, designed specifically to be gentle to the sensitive skin on your vulva (although you can use them pretty much anywhere!) 

Natural lingonberry extract will leave you refreshed, revived and ready for anything - and your vulva happy, healthy and irritation free! The best part? These Intimate Wipes are 100% compostable, so they’re easy to dispose of safely and sustainably, even if you’re embracing the great outdoors.

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Tips for keeping your vagina happy 

There are few best practices you can follow to help your intimate bits maintain a healthy pH balance.

Keep it clean

While it’s important to clean your vulva (exernal part), your vagina is able to clean itself. 

Wash your vulva regularly with lukewarm water or Lunette Intimate Cleanser – make sure to avoid scented perfumes soaps that will change your pH-levels. We beg - avoid douching, as it will only wreak havoc to your natural pH levels. Harsh, synthetic fragrances can create chaos, leading into more offensive odors. 

NOTE: make sure to wipe from front to back and use Lunette Intimate Wipes between showers, hot days and after sweaty workout sessions or swimming. Especially during your period, it’s good to remove sweat and other discharge to help manage odors and infections.  

Choice of undies 

The type of undies you choose might not be a sole cause of a bacterial or yeast infection, but can contribute to irritation, and worsen preexisting problems in the area. Cotton is breathable and helps absorb the excess moisture like sweat and fluids from your body that might throw off your natural pH levels. Tight, synthetic underwear can suffocate your vagina and create moisture, so remember to let it breathe!

Healthy food 

Raw probiotic pills are a vagina’s best friend. Eating probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh, or miso can also make a great impact. Let’s not forget about cranberry juice – that stuff is full of acidic compounds that will fight off bacteria and keep your vagina happy. One thing to avoid - foods with a high level of sugar can trigger an overgrowth of yeast, affecting your vaginal odor. 

Switch to a menstrual cup 

Menstrual cups can help maintain a healthy vaginal pH - especially since the Lunette cup won't dry you out. The medical-grade silicone used in Lunette is FDA approved, hypoallergenic, toxin-free, durable, and isn't harmful to human tissue!   

Some conventional period products contain materials & toxic chemicals which can dry and disturb your vagina’s pH balance, leading to possible infections, thrush or bacterial vaginosis.   

Cleanse after sex 

Since semen has an elevated pH and lubricants may lead to odors, give your vulva a quick cleanse after intercourse with Lunette Intimate Cleanser to maintain natural bacteria and pH levels. No access to water? No problem, wipe your vulva with Lunette Intimate Wipes.


The most effective approach to maintaining healthy vaginal pH is by taking all the necessary precautions outlined above. Stock up on Lunette's intimate care products and switch to a Lunette Cup to give your vagina the ultimate TLC it deserves.

How to look after your pH balance? Try Lunette products today! Click here to shop.

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