Our favorite FREE period tracker apps!

By: Allison Waldbeser

Technology has made our lives easier, yet harder at the same time. I mean think about it – we have so much information available at our fingertips and so many different apps to choose from, it can be overwhelming at times! Not to mention all the different period tracker apps developed and their fun, quirky features (like knowing when you’re ovulating)! So which one should YOU download, and how do you know which one is right for you? We've picked a few of our favorites period tracker apps to help you decide.


1. Spot On
Price: free

Emojis make our world a little more exciting – and this app is emoji heaven! You can enter data for your mood, body, and action to track any patterns around your period! How cool is that? You can also integrate Spot On with your iOS Health app to see data in the “Spotting and Menstruation” section. This app also gives you fun facts each day – did you know you spend approximately 2,400 days menstruating over your lifetime? Download Spot On if you want to get your emoji period game on!


2. Cycles

Price: free
Go Pro: $2.99

If you want to keep things to the point, this app is the one for you. It has a “Cycles Event” section under “Reminders” that tells you when your period will start and end, when you’re fertile or not, what day you’re ovulating, and when you’re PMSing! All great things to keep track of if you have an irregular period, or if you just like knowing what’s going on with your body!

Aside from the friendly reminders, if you click on any date on the calendar, you can enter data for how you’re feeling that day and what activities your body is going through!



3. Clue
Price: Free

This is a pretty simple app – but we love it! The first thing you’ll see when you open the app is your current cycle with the days and data of your period. You can enter information about how light or heavy your period is, if you’ve missed a pill or not, track your sex life activity (because why not?), and so much more. After you’ve entered all your data, it gives you some fun statistics! How cool is that? To top it off, we can’t forget to mention you can share your cycle with friends! That’s right, friendship just took on a whole new level with Clue ;)

Fun tip: shake your phone to make a Q&A page pop up incase you forgot to take a birth control pill!


4. Eve
Price: Free
Premium: $3.99 for a year

This app is truly a gem ;) If you love reading articles related to sex and menstruation, then wait no more and start downloading! The “Community” tab has topics related to sex, fitness, fashion, birth control, and so much more! You can also join over 50 different groups and be a part of a safe place to discuss sex, health, and menstruation. Take quizzes, community polls, learn something new in their “Fact or Fiction” tab, and do so many other fun activities!

Aside from all the cool features, you can track your period in the calendar section, and adjust as needed when your cycle has started! Simple as that.


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Can I suggest Natural Cycles the app? And the app Flo?

SHeila August 28, 2017

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