5 Creative Ways To Recycle Your Menstrual Cup

We all know that all good things must eventually come to an end. Whether you’ve had your cup for two or ten years (kudos if you made it last that long!), the time will come when you have to say goodbye forever to your old cup and say hello to a new one! But how do we dispose of it without harming the environment and sending it to landfill? We’ve got some quirky suggestions below ;)

Burn your menstrual cup

If you don’t want to send your cup to landfill and just don’t have the time to contact your local recycling programs, then burn it! We just ask one thing from you: PLEASE don’t put your cup on the stove or light up in your home without some precautions first – be smart about it! Burning your menstrual cup will take time, so set up a bonfire or throw it in your fireplace (make sure to use firewood and not duraflame). Why do we love this option? The cup will turn into ash (which you can compost) and leave no trace behind! That’s a 🔥lituation🔥 right there.

Turn it into a keychain

Give your bag or keys a little bling by converting your cup into a keychain! Don’t know where to start? There are tons of DIY keychains on the internet you could get inspiration from and apply to your menstrual cup. Just poke a hole on the stem and you’ll be on your way to dangling that thing around everywhere you go!

Make a Christmas ornament

If you haven’t already noticed, a menstrual cup has a bell-shaped form – so get creative and add that silicone bell on the Christmas tree!

A few suggestions:

- Poke a hole on the stem in order to fit thin string through it and hang it!

- Decorate the cup as you please (maybe give it a face?).

- Put it back in the pouch it came in, and have a mysterious baggie hanging from the tree!

Say hello to your new stress ball (or cup?)

I don’t know about you, but having something to squeeze can feel relaxing, especially if you’re stressed out or nervous (we’ve all been there). Instead of browsing the internet for a regular stress or squeeze ball, just use your menstrual cup! Not only is squeezing a menstrual cup with your hands extremely satisfying, but you might find yourself doing some of the folding methods subconsciously. Try it out for yourself ;)

Water your little plants

Have small succulent plants or flowers that can’t handle a glass full of water? Then your cup might be the right size for that little pot you got sitting by your windowsill. It’s a great way to repurpose your menstrual cup and a friendly reminder to keep watering your plants! Simply sit your menstrual cup (now watering container) right by the pot and hydrate your plant friends! 

Have some more crazy ideas? Let us know how you would recycle your menstrual cup and we'll add it to the list!

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