Biodegradable Lunette Cup Wipes

$ 4.99 USD

This is our period. 

Keep your menstrual cup ready for action at all times with cleansing on the go - no water necessary.

Sometimes life gets messy when you least expect it - and that’s when our menstrual cup wipes come in. A quick and safe way to cleanse your cup - no sinks, bathrooms or water required. Whether you're at a festival, on a road trip, or camping in the wilderness, if you can’t get your hands on water, you can get your hands on our wipes. 

The box contains 10 individually wrapped wipes which are easy to stash in your back pocket or purse. When unfolded, each wipe is 7" long and 5.5" wide.

How to clean period cup in a public toilet?

Blot your cup with a tissue, cleanse your cup with your wipe, let it dry and it’s ready to reinsert. 

Hot tip: These wipes aren’t suitable for your more sensitive areas - but our Intimate Wipes definitely are.

Kind to the environment

Wondering what to do with your wipe after? They are biodegradable so can be composted or disposed of safely - but don’t flush them down the toilet.


p.s. During the transition time there might be both old and new visual style of the packaging circulating. 

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