Tips for a Healthy Body, Natural Beauty, and Saving the Planet


Hear from 8 amazing and inspiring women on their biggest life hacks to being green and healthy. Learn their secrets to better skin, better sleep, losing weight, traveling the world, saving money, and most of all saving our Earth.


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8 Life-Changing Tips You Will Learn

  1. Learn what the world’s biggest and most insidious addiction is, and how to overcome it and achieve the healthy body you have always wanted.
  2. How to live the most ethical lifestyle possible, and experience health like never before.
  3. The secret to traveling you might have never even thought of.
  4. Car shopping? Learn the answer to which car should be your number one choice.
  5. Boost your immune system, get better skin, sleep better and improve digestion—with this $10 item.
  6. The grocery shopping tip that will save you money AND save the planet.
  7. Chances are that you’ve purchased a product with this harmful ingredient—learn what it is and why you need to boycott it.
  8. How to incorporate green plants into your life in creative ways, and the amazing benefits that you will reap.
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About The Authors

Sarah Keys

Sarah is a fitness and health expert and the founder of Days to Fitness, who shares her wisdom on her number one life hack on reaching true full-body health. This inspiring woman shows us how to lose weight, increase energy levels and your ability to focus, lessen anxiety, and overall feel amazing, with one simple diet hack.

Georgia Cook

Georgia is a young entrepreneur with an amazing, inspiring message. She co-founded vegan clothing company HeartCure, a non-profit that helps spread awareness and compassion for animals. There’s so much to learn from her wise words, and how each individual can help save our planet and heal our bodies.

Jacklyn Shields

Jacklyn is a passionate travel blogger, with thousands and fans following her adventures around the world on her blog Get Lost With Jackie. She has a passion for our beautiful planet, and fills us in on how traveling can be devastating to our Earth. Learn her secret, and you’ll never travel the same way again!

Sandi Schwartz

Sandi is a talented freelance writer and blogger at Happy Science Mom, who writes about parenting, wellness and environmental issues. She shares with us her most crucial and rewarding decision in her quest to go green, and how her life has changed since that moment. Her wise words will truly inspire you.

Aleana Habor

Aleana, author of The Healing Kitchen and founder of the blog Grazed & Enthused, is a dedicated Paleo mama and pediatric occupational therapist. Learn her number one natural health secret—it takes only a few minutes a day and costs less than $10!

Adele McConnell

Adele is a rockstar; she’s a published author, founder of blog Vegie Head, runs cooking workshops, online courses and programs, and even has her own cosmetics line. And, she’s a passionate vegan and advocate for sustainable living. Adele lets us in on her top money-and-planet-saving tips to utilize at the grocery store—you’ll never shop the same way again!

Tara Settembre

Tara, founder of When Tara Met Blog and writer for Huff Post, HelloSWFL, Techlicious and more, is the dedicated mother of twin boys and a passionate blogger. She shares her wisdom on a popular ingredient in cosmetics and household products that is so harmful that a ban has been established, but has not yet come into effect, and you may very well be buying and using these products as we speak.

Erika Marie

Erika is a talented blogger and founder of Fashion Chalet, who not only loves fashion but is passionate about eating a mostly plant-based, vegan diet. Learn how she incorporates green plants into her home and her diet, and the amazing benefits plants provide, even just by looking at them!