Vulva In The Colors Of The Rainbow

Although June is the start of summer for many of us, it is also Pride month! Pride events are celebrated all over the world, and Lunette is excited to attend a few Pride parades including those in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Helsinki!

What does Pride mean to us?

Love, equality, access to proper health care, breaking taboos, things that make us proud to be who we are is what celebrating pride is all about for us at Lunette. We believe everyone deserves the best resources when it comes to their health, careers, and life!

For the entire month of June, 15% of every menstrual cup purchase from will go to Planned Parenthood. Why? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, because EVERYONE, regardless of gender or sexual preference, should receive access to safe and affordable health care.

What does equality mean to us?

Our founder and CEO, Heli Kurjanen, explains why we’re focusing on equality this month:

“With Pride in June, we also want to point out that equality matters this month, focusing on showing it in our blog and social media channels. Equality is of course always important to us and one of our absolute core values, but we want to pay special attention to it now during Pride Month. Through this work, my eyes have really opened to these matters. It is very important to keep present that menstruation is a matter of all. It means that you don’t have to be a feminine woman, not even a woman to have periods. That is why we want to remind and keep these themes present in connection with Pride.”

You can participate in our awesome Pride razzle by telling us what kind of experiences you’ve had relating to equality or in-equality. Have you been discriminated for some reason? Or have you received valuable treatment in a tough situation? Share your experiences through social media using the hashtag #lunette4pride, and we’ll share your story!

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