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A trip you’ve been planning for months can be ruined by simply not being prepared. We’re not talking about not booking your adventures or hotels on time, we’re talking PERIODS! So if you think your period might come during that hike to Machu Picchu, that surf trip to Bali, or just a casual camping trip 3 hours away from your home, make sure you have your Lunette cup handy at all times!
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Traveling On Your Period With Your Menstrual Cup
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The feminine-only language approach to having a period is not only irrelevant but can also lead to a plethora of issues that affect self-esteem, cause body dysmorphia, and contribute to the overall misunderstanding of people who don’t identify with their born gender.
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Gender and Period Care Products
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I began my menstrual journey at age 15 with a belted pad and knowledge that a week each month my body would betray me.

I was lost where periods were concerned and embarrassed to ask for help/advice because all my friends started at 12. My periods were so heavy that I wore plastic panties and still leaked often. I remember leaking on my clothing and what I sat on at school, on the bus and at home.

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My First Period Story: How My Relationship With My Body Changed My Life
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Last month we had the pleasure of chatting with our dream OB/GYN, Dr. Sherry! She is an award-winning OB/GYN, entrepreneur, women’s health expert and author of the book, she-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Intimate Health. Period. Pretty impressive, right? To top it off, she’s also the founder of Cycl, a wellness platform that helps people understand their health and the 7 distinct cycles menstruators experience.
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8 Random and Unusual Questions We Asked Everyone's Dream OB/GYN
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I never thought that the image of a stained pair of ordinary underwear lying unceremoniously on my teenage room floor would remained burned in my memory for almost a decade. In the field of psychology, that kind of mental image is called a flashbulb memory – a vivid, if not incomplete, image that remains like a snapshot in your mind. Kind of like the blinding flash of a camera irreparably tattooing a memory onto your brain - a scar if you will. In the case of my first period, it was a memory that would change my life forever.
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Bleeding for Freedom
 – My First Period as a Non-binary Menstruator
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When did you get your first period? Teens with a uterus usually start their first period around the ages of 10-15. Although some young menstruators will be educated on what to expect before and during their period, there are many young teens in the U.S. who won’t.
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Period Power: Education and Periods In The U.S.
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Every month, menstruating humans all over the world experience different symptoms during their menstrual cycle. From abdominal and lower back pain, to headaches, bloating, and breakouts, it’s safe to say having a period can be uncomfortable at times. But are you experiencing all these pains to the point where you can’t get out of bed, have an abnormally heavy period, and everything hurts way more than it should? These severe pains might be a sign of endometriosis, and we’ve decided to shed some light on this for the sake of all menstruators!
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What Is Endometriosis?
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According to the 2017 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress of the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, it was estimated that 39 percent (215,709 people) were women experiencing homelessness. A little under 61 percent were men, and less than 1 percent identified as either transgender or non-binary.
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Period Power: Homelessness and Periods In The US
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Recently we’ve been shedding some light on why periods are powerful in society, not just in developing countries but right on our front door step too.
From #PeriodPoverty, to girls missing out on school and even period shaming through the media (ugh, not cool!) we’ve still got a long way to go for menstruation equality! That’s why we’re all about the #PeriodPower this year.
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Period Power: Periods and prisons in the US
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What the heck is a cervix? Do you know what a cervix looks like? If you haven’t already searched Google images for it (which we highly recommend you do), we’re here to break it down for ya. During menstruation, the cervix plays a key role in this process. Knowing where your period comes from not only helps you understand your body more, but it empowers you!

 Ok, but what even is a cervix?
 It’s basically the “neck” of the uterus. Wait...my uterus has a neck….? Sort of. It’s a narrow neck-like passage that lies below the uterus and above the vagina....

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High cervix, low cervix and your menstrual cup
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