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How old is old enough to use a Lunette menstrual cup? The answer is - if you are old enough to menstruate, you are old enough to use a Lunette. Girls as young as 14 have successfully used a Lunette for their period. However, sometimes a little extra time is needed to get used to the process.
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Teens & Menstrual Cups: Tips for First Time Use
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There are SO many choices out there when it comes to period products, which is great news for all of us. Being able to choose something that fits your body, matches your style and suits your bank account...hella yes! We’re all about this and especially excited to see more choices available in an industry still battling with outdated taboos, though we still have a way to go.

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Watch out for “generic” and "cheap" menstrual cups!
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It’s National Random Acts of Kindness Day – which means every year on February 17th, people all over the nation are participating in kind acts to brighten someone else’s day!
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This Is How We Celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day
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Picture this: You’re running out of some essentials at home, you make a shopping list (and promise yourself to stick to only those few items,) get in your car, and drive yourself to Target – a normal, non-tempting, store.
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Public restrooms – some are nice and clean, others…not so much. But in the unavoidable situation, when you gotta go, you gotta go! If being on your period didn’t already change your V plans for the week, dumping your menstrual fluid in a public restroom sounds just as terrifying as cleaning it. (Come on, we know you’re thinking it). What do you do when you absolutely haveto empty your cup but...

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How to clean your Lunette Menstrual Cup in a public restroom – like a boss
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