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Ahh…the holidays are finally approaching. Pumpkin spice lattes, cuddle weather, and Christmas music – let’s face it, it IS the most wonderful time of the year. You get to eat your entire weight in one sitting not once, but TWICE in two months. However, something very scary happens between Thanksgiving and New Years, and we’re not talking about those extra pounds we put on from all the amazing food we eat. We’re talking about all the waste created and the non eco-friendly products used due to all that holiday spirit.
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Top 5 Green Gift Ideas For The Holidays
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Bloody hell, period sex is a hot topic right now. Periods have long been stigmatized. Having sex on your period has been historically seen as unsavory or unclean. Luckily, attitudes are changing slowly, but surely. And, as it were, people are not so against period sex. In fact, people are having it all over the place.
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How To Have Period Sex
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Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking to our good friend and menstrual cycle advocate, Samantha Neal. She specializes in yoga for healthy menstruation and spends her time in two breathtaking places; Bali and Australia, where she teaches yoga and educates people about how to take care of yourself during your menstrual cycle. We reached out to her because we wanted to get her insight and knowledge on Tantric Hatha yoga and why she thinks it’s important to adjust our practice depending on the phases of our menstrual cycle.
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Meet Moon Tribe Yogini – A Menstrual Cycle Mentor and Yogi
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"Green living" is a phrase that I keep hearing more often on TV, in the magazines and on my friend's Pinterest boards. Thanks to the Internet, the idea of "green living" can feel huge and honestly, overrated. Hoping to clear up the confusion, I'm going to break down some of the sustainable lifestyle myths.
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5 Myths About Green Living
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