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Friend Love, Self-Love, & Pizza Love: Happy Palentines!

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By: Allison Waldbeser


Step aside Valentines Days…cause V-day isn’t just for lovers and Galentines isn’t just for the gals! Take a moment today to celebrate all your friendships, YOURSELF, and anyone you want to send love to! We love Valentine’s Day-eve, because we think celebrating love shouldn’t be limited to just your significant other, it’s about spreading love to all the people you care about. Cheers to that!

P.S. For our friends in the U.S., Lunette cups in yellow (the color of friendship) are $10 off until the end of Feb. 14th. Yay!

Here are some awesome ways you can feel the love this week:

Celebrate with, or in despite of, your uterus

Everyone's getting all loved-up, you don't have a date and then BOOM! you start your period. Classic. If blood is flowing in other areas apart from your heart this week (did we just make this weird?) then we officially give you permission to do whatever the hell you want over the next couple of days (and every day after that). Take that long bath, live in your pj’s, eat that chocolate bar...or three. Light some candles and say "F**k it world, this is MY time".

Send your bestie a text

Whether your best friend lives across the country or across the hallway, a thoughtful message goes a long way. Tell them how much you appreciate their friendship and give them something to smile about. Not the soppy kind? Funny memes and your shared love of fail videos also counts!


Treat yo’self

If you thought we weren’t going to mention self-love, think again! Be your own best friend because you deserve it...no seriously, you do! Write a list about the things you love about yourself and always listen to your body. Don’t feel like working out today? Skip the gym. Want to get a massage? Hit the spa! Today isn’t just about celebrating your friendships, it’s also about remembering to love yourself.

Get your pals together and make a feast

Who doesn’t love food? Get your group of friends together and whip up some delicious recipes, or you know, order a pizza. BOTH ARE EQUALLY GREAT. And don’t forget the vino.


 FaceTime your parents

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and go a week or two without calling your parents. Set a reminder on your phone (for how ever many times a week) to call them! We know it can feel like a sucky time of year but it’s a good reason to reflect on the love you already have in your life, including family. We love you mom and dad <3

Lastly, no matter how you decide to celebrate Palentines, Valentines, or Galentines Day, remember that it’s a day to celebrate ALL your loved ones, especially those who might dread actual Valentines Day and feel left out. Empower those around you, keep breaking those stigmas and taboos, and STAY FIERCE!